Jenny Gibson, service leader in hospitality

Bar Rescue case study

Oranje is so lucky to have employees like Jenny Gibson in our hospitality division. Recently, she was asked by the nationally syndicated show Bar Rescue on SpikeTV to facilitate three bar cleanings in the Phoenix Metro area. Here was the feedback from the producer in Season 4: “Hi Jenny, Your crew did a FANTASTIC job on that kitchen. Thank you so much!!” Take a look at some of the before and after pictures from the work completed during these segments.[...]


This is how you restore a kitchen that hasn’t been cleaned in seven (7) years. Before cleaning burner[...]

The Oranje Twist

What might the next generation of cleaning look like? Are we going to have robots crawling through our halls and cleaning our floors? Are we going to have self-cleaning toilets? I am certain that these things are not far away. At a macro level, what we are talking about is automating the most mundane tasks and bringing the specialists in to perform the services that can’t be automated. In the future, that means using robots to vacuum and bringing specialized cleaning technicians to extract the carpets or strip and wax the floors. I was curious if companies might be interested in moving to this model now. But how is [...]