The Oranje Twist

What might the next generation of cleaning look like? Are we going to have robots crawling through our halls and cleaning our floors? Are we going to have self-cleaning toilets? I am certain that these things are not far away. At a macro level, what we are talking about is automating the most mundane tasks and bringing the specialists in to perform the services that can’t be automated. In the future, that means using robots to vacuum and bringing specialized cleaning technicians to extract the carpets or strip and wax the floors. I was curious if companies might be interested in moving to this model now. But how is [...]

On Industry Wage Rate

Babysitting. That is the word we hear most when asking prospective customers to describe the most frustrating experiences with their current janitorial company. Now certainly there are many things that janitorial companies do to warrant these complaints. They might not be providing enough supervision. They could be failing to properly train their crews. Or they might be short-changing the customer by not allocating enough hours to the job. But what about those janitorial companies that are doing all the right things in terms of training, supervision, and time allocation? Why are these companies still not satisfying their customers? One of the things that really interests me is exploring how [...]