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We are on a mission to disrupt the cleaning industry by creating lasting partnerships with the people we serve.



Oranje Commercial Janitorial:
What partnership means to us

“A partnership is a relationship where 2 or more parties having compatible vision, values, and goals form an agreement to do something great together. You probably have shared vision and goals with your cleaning company; but do you have shared values? Without shared values you are missing 1/3rd of the equation and without shared values you do not have a partnership.”

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Why do you think cleaning
companies fail?

Why Do You Think
Cleaning Companies Fail
“What makes us completely different?
They focus on the commodity of cleaning.
It is our mission to create lasting partnerships
with the people we serve.”

Oranje Manifesto

Over 400 customers and 4 Million Square Feet Cleaned in the Valley each day



What makes us completely different? Others establish their operational plans and then see how it fits with their company values. We build lasting partnerships with the people we service by allowing our values to drive our operations and not the other way around

That’s why we put you first in everything we do;
and why we show our colors in every building we clean.
It’s why we believe in transparency and that

Common sense should always be common practice

We believe in transparency

Manuel Renteria
Operations Supervisor

When he has a stressful day, he has found that a long drive listening to music out loud makes it all better.

Cristina Maxwell
Operations Manager

I watched a documentary 2 years ago about the Vegan lifestyle it looked extremely hard however, I adopted the lifestyle and throughout the process I learned that if someone can be disciplined with food they can be disciplined in any area of their life.

Carlos Lara
Operations Supervisor

In his university life he worked people to and from bars to pay for his educat

Jose Sanchez
Operations Supervisor

One of his interests is to build things out of different kinds of wood and to travel to many different beautiful places

Beatriz Miranda
Operations Supervisor

Beatriz is a grandmother of 10 children. She has worked for ORANJE for over 10 Years, she is passionate about helping others.

Angelica Fernandez
Operations Supervisor

Angie is Chicago born but Mexican raised. She has two babies, one is a 5 year old and the other is a 2007 Ford Mustang GT. :)

Karen Gonzalez
Director of Standardization and Training

She has lived in, flew in for work, or vacationed in 32 of the 50 states. Only 18 states to go!!

Tania Gonzalez
National Event Coordinator

I add lemon to almost everything I eat, even pizza!

Silvio Garcia
Operations Manager

Silvio spends his time magnet fishing. Similar to metal detecting where objects are found on land using a metal detector, magnet fishing is about finding metal objects in bodies of water using strong magnets. Interesting.

Husein Alwai
Operations Manager

Husein leads by example and is not afraid of getting my hands dirty. One of his favorite Hobbies is to cook for family and friends. He loves to make work environment fun and interesting.

Lisa Presto
Operations Manager

I used to play a clarinet in the school band. I enjoy doing arts and crafts with my daughters and grand kids.

Linda Sanchez
Special Projects Manager

It kills Linda to observe or know of the abuse to others, to the point that she will lose her composure and sleep. She looks for ways to make things better for everyone. This is one of the reasons she become a 2nd degree black belt and works like there is no tomorrow. She had learned that the little things count.

Bill Frankenfield
Special Project Supervisor

For three years he sang bass in the New Mexichords, an 80 member barbershop choir. They were invited to sing an the US Ambassador’s Bicentennial Galla at Radio City Music Hall.

JC Reyes
Director of Operations

He used to be called the Troubleshooter, because he has loved to fix things since he was little. Most of his family works in the culinary field; and only he and one brother works as something other than a cook…but he still loves to to cook.

Shanda Ferris
Accounts Payable

Her close friends know me as the Pinterest Queen. In her spare time she loves to bake, crochet, create holiday wreaths and garlands and anything else that requires a crafty touch.

Ann Daily
Accounts Receivable

She has two different colored eyes. She loves to spend Saturdays kayaking with her dog in the warmer months.

Adrian Ibave
HR Manager

Adrian is a former marathon runner, he loves concerts and tacos. His friends say “he reads you like no other”. He embraces you as you are.

Diane Daughtrey

Numbers are her thing…and making sure people get paid is her game. She would say she is full of life, obsessed with hazelnut coffee creamer, and binging a good TV show. When she is not at work she is being controlled, oh she means spending time with my 3 grandkids.

Joshua Woodworth

Joshua is a sports memorabilia collector and a die-hard Cardinals, Cubs, and Bulls fan. He loves attending sporting events and you can usually spot him near the sidelines trying to score an autograph for “his kids”.
He has over a decade in leadership in the commercial cleaning industry working with large facilities

Ryan Stark

Since opening our business we have gone from zero (children, revenue, employees, and experience) to four, 13MM+ annually, 200+, and tons respectively. Ryan was featured on Unsolved Mysteries, his favorite color is pink, and he pulled his 4 kids out of school so they could unleash their native geniuses.

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